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Our People

Talent, Knowledge, Diversity and Growth.

Many organisations say it, but we truly are a people business.

Our customers, staff and partners are integral to our success and our leadership team drives our shared ethos of respect, fairness and trust.

We’re committed to the continual development of our people; offering opportunities and incentives. This enables us to retain our talent and foster a strong team ethic.

Many of our team members have worked their way through the business and therefore fully understand our values and vision.

Executive Committee

Bashir Nathoo


  • Al Karim Nathoo photo

    Al Karim Nathoo

    Managing Director

  • Tasneem Hasham Buitendijk photo

    Tasneem Hasham Buitendijk

    Director of Operations UK & Africa

  • Akbar Bata

    Non-executive Director

  • Tasneem Virani photo

    Tasneem Virani

    Non-executive Director

Our Team

  • Deepak Patel photo

    Deepak Patel

    Group Financial Controller

  • Elisha Nathoo photo

    Elisha Nathoo

    Design Manager

  • Kamila Borkowska photo

    Kamila Borkowska

    General Manager

  • Nazish Kheraj photo

    Nazish Kheraj

    Senior General Manager - Procurement

  • Justin White photo

    Justin White

    Project Architect

  • Shelina Samnani photo

    Shelina Samnani

    Commercial Manager

  • Devish Paniker photo

    Devish Paniker

    Financial Controller - New Projects & International Business

  • Asad Zaheerudin photo

    Asad Zaheerudin

    General Manager

  • Sameer Kassam photo

    Sameer Kassam

    Senior General Manager

  • Javed Shaikh photo

    Javed Shaikh

    General Manager

  • Wally Atta photo

    Wally Atta

    Group Maintenance Manager

  • Abida Abbas photo

    Abida Abbas

    Group Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

  • Gayatri Harihar photo

    Gayatri Harihar

    Senior Accounts Assisstant

  • Idy Udo photo

    Idy Udo

    Group PA and HR Assistant

“We are a true people business, true to our values from inception. We work with & nurture like-minded people that share our values, which is why our teams & partners feel part of our family. ”Tasneem Hasham Buitendijk, Director of Operations UK & Africa
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